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How To Build An Authority Site
Hey everyone, my name’s Dom and I’m thrilled to be talking to you all on AuthorityWebsiteIncome today.

So far, you’ve learned a variety of things from how to come up with content ideas, tohow to properly systematize everything. Adam really nailed his post about building his site and his systems. Let me tell you now that he’s stepped it up even more since then. Keep up with him if you can.

Today we’re going to step back and review some of the basics a little bit and talk about how to actually build out an authority site. Josh did a great job talking about Amazon reviews and list posts, and I’m going to talk about building an authority site in general.

Authority Sites vs Niche Sites

I think there can be a lot of confusion about the difference between an authority site and a niche site. For a start, authority sites still usually focus on a specific niche, and “niche sites” can grow to become authority sites, so there is a lot of overlap between them. Read the rest of this entry »