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Is there anything this guy cannot do ?

He has his own radio show, made millions from Adsense, attracts a humongous following on Twitter, Facebook and his personal blog….

Been featured on countless magazines, including The New York Times, Boston Globe, and the Chicago Tribune.

And to top things off, he just published his own autobiography this year.

Frankly, I think he needs to slow down because he’s making the rest of the competition look like slackers.

This system is BRAND NEW and just about the most controversial video I’ve ever seen.

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When was the last time you updated your affiliate marketing strategy?


If you’re not integrating multi-channel marketing trends that leverage consumer purchasing behaviors, you’re missing out – and so is your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at three affiliate marketing strategies that are gaining popularity and the techniques that affiliates and affiliate managers are using to increase sales by taking their marketing efforts multi-channel.

Multi-Channel Affiliate Marketing Strategies You Shouldn't Overlook
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1. Affiliate link embedded coupon codes

Let’s face it, having to recite or type an affiliate link is not only inconvenient and messy, the usage of affiliate links may be conditionally allowed, frowned upon, or prohibited in certain mediums. Link shorteners and cloakers offer ways to clean up cumbersome affiliate links, but at the end of the day, they still redirect to affiliate links.

However, most merchants use shopping carts that allow for custom coupon codes to be created, that can be tied directly to individual affiliates. These coupon codes can be passed to the affiliate tracking platform enabling the merchant to credit the usage of a unique code to the specific affiliate.

In a nutshell, this enables an affiliate to simply use their exclusive coupon code wherever they would normally use an affiliate link. Affiliates need only say “Use Discount Code XXXX when you shop at and you’ll get a 10% discount on me”, opening up the doors to previously obstructed marketing channels. (Don’t forget to include proper disclosures.) Read the rest of this entry »

I recently downloaded a free e-book called “The Ultimate Online Profit Model” from In this book John Chow discusses three different online profit models

Affiliate Marketing

Product Creation



Of those I was primarily interested in the Affiliate Marketing Profit Model, because of the advantages of affiliate marketing. they include:

No need to create your own product

The vendor handles all the hard work like delivery, invoicing, customer support, etc.

You can do affiliate marketing from any where in the world

Easy to setup and get started.

Low Start up costs

Fairly easy to scale

Works while you are sleeping

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affiliate marketing trainingHow to Get a Handle on Affiliate Marketing Training?

For all those people who are interested in becoming an affiliate, affiliate marketing training is an essential and natural thing to do. Luckily, one can find a lot of affiliate marketing training resources on the Internet; all you have to do is search Affiliate Marketing Training Some of the online resources you’ll find will guide you towards free affiliate marketing training while others will offer you the training in exchange for your money. Before you just jump up for the complimentary affiliate marketing training, first determine whether or not this type of training is legit.

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Affiliate Marketing in 2014As I sit and reflect on my future in Affiliate Marketing I have realized that I have made probably the most common Affiliate Marketing Newbie mistake that there is. Can you guess what that is ?

That’s right the mistake of creating a site throwing up some affiliate links and hoping that the traffic will just flow to the site and I will make thousands of dollars. What was that saying on the TV Commercial “Build it and they will come”. Well guess what it doesn’t work that way.

I finally got around to putting Google Analytics on this site to just see what kind of traffic it was getting and to now surprise it was around 50 a month, but the item that was a surprise is that about 20% of that traffic is returning traffic. People are actually coming back to see if I had put up any new content. Read the rest of this entry »