Niche Website Success


I am a retired US Army Master Sergeant that has worked for more than 42 years, after spending 21 years in the Army I started a new career in the Construction Industry. But I have always wanted to be involved with computers and the internet. While I was in the Army I went to school at night and on the weekends to earn a BS degree in Computer Science.

Now I am almost 58 years old and I am tired of working 10 hours a day and believe that it is possilbe to earn a living in Affiliate Marketing and I intend to prove it. My motto for this journey is going to be “Success without fullfilment is failure and failure is not an option.”

In 2008 I played around with Affiliate Marketing a little and made $500-$600 a year, but I never really spent much time with it, it was kinda like a hobby. It is now time to get serious with it.

As with most a JOB (Just Over Broke) could be terminated at anytime due to any number of reasons, and I believe that it is time to take destiny into my own hands and be prepared should that happen before I learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

I recently listened to a podcast with MJ DeMarco where he said that at some point you need to stop reading the books and TAKE ACTION. Well that time has finally come and I hope that you will join me in this journey as we learn how to become the next Rosalind Gardner or Pat Flynn