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Determining what is the best keyword strategy

Best Keyword StrategyAs an affiliate marketer one of the most critical steps in determining what niche to enter is to determine what is the best keyword strategy that will produce a sale of your affiliate product.

For me I have a tendency to get hung up on a particular niche or keyword and research it into the ground trying to make it work for me. Trying to justify in my mind that it will be a profitable keyword. I may research it for days even weeks thinking that I can make it work no matter what.

My keyword strategy is to adjust the parameters of my search until I make the numbers look good to the point where I want to pursue finding an affiliate product that I can promote in the niche. By the time I get to that point it may be months of time spending on a keyword strategy that is not the best keyword strategy to be using.

I am having a very hard time of getting to the point of being just analytical and look at the numbers and moving on.

My best recommendation is to NOT get emotionally attached to a particular niche or keyword. Set your keyword search metrics, do the research, select your keyword and move on.

One research tool that I have become particularly fond of is one that was created by Spencer Haws of call Long Tail Pro.

It is very easy to use and gives me all of the metrics that I wanted when I developed my keyword strategy. I have been trying to merge two strategies that were presented by Spencer.

The first Strategy I believe is Spencer’s search metrics.

1. Have a Keyword Competitiveness Score on Long Tail Pro of 35 or less
2. Have at least 2500 monthly local searches.
3. Have low advertiser competition.

The second strategy is one that was presented in the Niche Pursuits Podcast 57: How Claire Smith Makes Over 5 Figures a Month with Niche Sites and NO Link Building

Claire’s strategy is very simple.

1. Research seed keywords that have less that 500 local monthly searches.
2. Research the allintitle metric for those results.
3. Divide the allintitle results by the local monthly search and it that ratio is below 1 she feels that it is a keyword that can be rank on Google Page 1 very easily.

I am trying to merge the metrics of those two keyword strategies and see if I can get ranked on Page 1 and see how long that will take.

But ultimately it is up to each individual marketer to determine the best keyword strategy that works for them. All I have to say is don’t get wrapped up in one niche and try to make it work. Determine the metrics that you think will work, do the research, look at the numbers and make a decision and move on. TAKE ACTION other wise you will be like a dog chasing his tail and never get anyway.