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February 2015

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Best Keyword StrategyAs an affiliate marketer one of the most critical steps in determining what niche to enter is to determine what is the best keyword strategy that will produce a sale of your affiliate product.

For me I have a tendency to get hung up on a particular niche or keyword and research it into the ground trying to make it work for me. Trying to justify in my mind that it will be a profitable keyword. I may research it for days even weeks thinking that I can make it work no matter what.

My keyword strategy is to adjust the parameters of my search until I make the numbers look good to the point where I want to pursue finding an affiliate product that I can promote in the niche. By the time I get to that point it may be months of time spending on a keyword strategy that is not the best keyword strategy to be using.

I am having a very hard time of getting to the point of being just analytical and look at the numbers and moving on. Read the rest of this entry »