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October 2014

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I recently downloaded a free e-book called “The Ultimate Online Profit Model” from In this book John Chow discusses three different online profit models

Affiliate Marketing

Product Creation



Of those I was primarily interested in the Affiliate Marketing Profit Model, because of the advantages of affiliate marketing. they include:

No need to create your own product

The vendor handles all the hard work like delivery, invoicing, customer support, etc.

You can do affiliate marketing from any where in the world

Easy to setup and get started.

Low Start up costs

Fairly easy to scale

Works while you are sleeping

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Keyword Research is the foundation of any successful affiliate marketing strategy. If you don’t do your due diligence when researching keywords then you are just wasting your time.

Recently I attempted, did you notice that I said attempted, to participate in a Free Internship offered by No Hat Digital, but failed to get passed the first week. It is an excellent opportunity for those that can keep up with the pace, because it is a very fast paced program with set deadlines to complete each step, the entire program is just 5 weeks but it will teach you everything that you need to know from keyword research and selection to content creation.

One of the interesting things that I did manage to learn in the first week was that they wanted you to select a keyword set not just one keyword or long tail keyword. You were required to come up with a complete group of keywords and those keyword sets were to be used for your content creation.

I guess that in the passed I have been like a horse wearing blinders, and I only looked for single keywords or a single long tail keyword. But it only makes sense that if you use a group of 5 – 10 related keywords in your content that you increase your chances of getting ranked higher and faster in Google.
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How to Get Started in Affiliate MarketingHave you ever asked yourself is there an alternative to the daily 9-5 job ?

Is there a way to create financial freedom ?

Can I really have freedom of time and location ?

I believe that you can quit your 9-5 job (which in most cases is more than that) and create a lifestyle that will give you all of those things.

What is Affiliate marketing ? 

Affiliate Marketing is really a very simple concept and probably one of the easiest ways to make money online. But just because I said easy it doesn’t mean that it won’t be work.  The concept is that you market a product or service that belongs to someone else and when a purchase is made of that product or service you will receive a percentage of the sale. The biggest advantage of this method of of making online is the fact that you don’t have to own any products and you don’t have to provide any services.

You really don’t have to do anything except promote/market the items. But with that said there is always a downside and that is what do you promote and how do you promote it. Read the rest of this entry »