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February 2014

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Overcoming Discouragemen

I recently read an article by Jason Nyback about overcoming discouragement as an Internet marketer and he hit the proverbial nail on the head. He lists six of the most common reasons that Internet Marketers / Affiliate Marketers get discouraged while building their Internet /Online Business, and ways to overcome each. He discusses who each of those six items affected him while he was building his online business.

I think the one that I could relate to the most, keep in mind that I related to all of them, was that of information overload and trying to read everything there is concerning online business and particular using the business model of affiliate marketing. Read the rest of this entry »


How remarketing works


Remarketing in Google AdWords consists of static image, animated image, video and text ads that are placed on the Google Display network. What makes remarketing different from standard Display advertising is the targeting. Remarketing consists of using a special tracking code to place cookies in the computer of people visiting your website, and then serving ads to those with that cookie, specifically, on the Display network. The main point with remarketing is that you want to find those people who have shown enough interest in your products or services to visit your website. These people are more likely to perform whatever activity you’re considering a conversion than people who have not yet been to your website. There are a variety of strategies for how to best target these people, which website visitors to target, how to make the most of your remarketing ads, and how to optimize these remarketing campaigns. In this guide, we will delve into these topics and give best practices based on experience and Google recommendations. Read the rest of this entry »