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January 2014

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affiliate marketing trainingHow to Get a Handle on Affiliate Marketing Training?

For all those people who are interested in becoming an affiliate, affiliate marketing training is an essential and natural thing to do. Luckily, one can find a lot of affiliate marketing training resources on the Internet; all you have to do is search Affiliate Marketing Training Some of the online resources you’ll find will guide you towards free affiliate marketing training while others will offer you the training in exchange for your money. Before you just jump up for the complimentary affiliate marketing training, first determine whether or not this type of training is legit.

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passive incomeAs the new year begins I am more determined than ever to learn how to create passive income with affiliate marketing. When you look at the state of the economy you have to wonder what your future employment looks like. I recently read an article that stated that they felt like J C Penney would fold in 2014. Man JC Penny has been around forever and if a company like that is at risk what about some of the other long time stable companies.

Being almost at the age of retirement I have to wonder if Social Security will still be around when I reach that age. My wife recently retired a year early because we felt like she needed to start drawing against the money that she had paid in while there was something left to get. Read the rest of this entry »