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December 2012

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Beware of purchasing the Automated Paydays program from Jamie Shaw and Rob Benwell.

I purchased the Automated PayDays program and one of the upsells and before I could even look the material over I started getting phone calls from them wanting to sell me a mentoring program, but they wouldn’t tell me how much the cost was until I provided them with a great deal of extremely personal information, when I refused to tell them my wifes name and occupation they terminated the call. But that wasn’t the end of it, someone else called me from a number that had been routed thru a local number so it would appear that they were calling from my area, but the called admitted that he was in another state over 2,000 miles away. A little deceptive I would say.  When I got into the material that I purchased it was over 7 years old, even some of the websites that they refered to in the training video were shutdown and no longer in operation. So I requested a refund which I did receive with in a few days.

But ever since then I have been receiving between 15 and 20 phone calls a day from all over the US trying to sell me work at home programs. Seeing how Automated Paydays is the only people that I gave that number to, it is safe to assume that they were the ones that released it to them. This has been going on for close to a month now, it is getting so frustrating to hear my phone ringing all hours of they day and night.

So buyer beware of purchasing the Automated Paydays program.

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If you are intent on learning search engine optimization but have been struggling to make any headway with it, I bet you feel pretty down about things, right? Although some people say that search engine optimization (SEO) is fairly easy once you know how to do it, its getting to the point of knowing how to do it which can be immensely difficult. Its not just a case of setting a few things in place and then sitting back to watch while your web pages climb up the Google ranks, is it?

In fact, you could spend years trying to get this SEO ‘game’ right. And in the meantime you could also spend a small fortune on all sorts of glossy eBook products that quite honestly are a waste of your hard-earned money. I bet you’ve bought a few of those already. You’ve read through them avidly, eager to get started on implementing their teachings. But when you have actually begun to use the methods that those eBooks teach, you’ve found that you are still not getting the results that you had really hoped for.

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