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April 2012

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The Internet is the future of marketing, sales, information and e-commerce, and will continue to grow. If you don’t believe this just stop what you’re doing and look around. How many people are using smart phones, tablets, netbooks or laptops. Probably just about everyone over the age of 10. As I am driving to and from work I have tried to count the number of people that AREN’T talking on the phone or texting because most everyone is. So to say that it is impossible to make money on the Internet is ridiculous. I think that it IS possible to make a lot of money, but it will take hard work and a NEVER GIVE UP attitude; with some hard work you can be making money 24/7/365.

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Affiliate marketing has been around since the early 1990’s and has grown in popularity to a Billion-Dollar industry. It is relatively cheap to get involved in affiliate marketing with a huge potential for high dollar income. Many large companies have even hired affiliate managers to handle their affiliate programs, I will identify some of those companies in a later post, and if you are new to affiliate marketing I think that you will be surprised who some of them are, I know that I was.

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